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Personalized Acrylic Music Plaque. Fully Customizable. Spotify, SoundCloud

These plaques are custom-made acrylic music covers that replicates the Spotify player.

What a beautiful way to celebrate a special moment, the plaque can have your favorite song, a theme song, songs that remind you of your friends or songs you like to share with someone. It includes the song details are shown on the Spotify web player.

Since it is fully customizable, you can choose to have the album cover or a personalized photo as well as the Spotify code which you can scan on your device.
Please send us the link of the song.

For the video how it works please check the following link:

Additional information

Size A5

A5 (Length 5.8") (Width 8.3")

Size A4

A4 (Length 8.3") (Width 11.6")


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